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Friday, February 27, 2004


To Jack...

Jack this is a big milestone, one of many soon to come
A mature young adult you really have become
So I wrote this poem, don’t worry it is pretty clean
To congratulate you on finally becoming eighteen

You will soon enter a new chapter in your life
But don’t you worry; it is not yet time for a wife
Searching and applying for schools can be such a concern
But soon enough you will be heading off to learn

Integrity, Trust, Truth, and Diversity
This is what you will learn at the university
You have all these traits and so much knowledge
Soon you will become the leader at your college

Georgetown, Princeton, Wharton, and MIT
These are all top notches, you can’t disagree
I personally think you have what it takes times two
You might even want to extend a little left and head to NYU

Life and school many times can go by so quick
Just focus and study and you won’t end up like Nick
Your friends and family will always be here by your side
As you journey on in life with so much pride

I am sure you will have fun and enlightenment as you grow
Just don’t try to rush everything always take it slow

I wish you well as you move on within this great expedition
You are definitely at the top of the world with so much ambition
The last few words I wish to bestow upon you and wish you ado
I can only hope Dryver and Stryde turn out just like you

Good luck Jack!

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