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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Breaking The Rules?

This is a story of the weakness of empowering your corporate customer support team...

Sheriff's deputies in Eastvale, CA were unable to coax a Sprint employee to divulge the GPS coordinates of a cellphone that was traveling in an stolen SUV containing a 10-month-old baby boy. After strapping little Wade into his car seat, Jason Cochran went back inside the house to fetch his 3-year-old, and returned to find the SUV gone.

When they called 911 and informed them that their Sprint phone with GPS was in the car, Jason and his wife Stephanie assumed that sheriffs would easily be able to track down Wade with help from Sprint. The Sprint employee who spoke with the officers, however, told them that they would need to fill out some forms, pay a $25 subpoena fee, etc., etc. in what was obviously a case in which speed was of the essence. Luckily, it seems that the car was only stolen for a joyride, and was recovered two-and-a-half hours later abandoned but with Wade intact and safe.

Sprint claims that they have an emergency protocol for these types of situations, which the unfortunate CSR who fielded this particular call failed to follow. This is a story that shows up in the news at least once per year. It was a story in California last year where a company rep for a bank would not help out the feds to save a kid.

Come on people... use common sense!

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