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Thursday, March 23, 2006

King Of All Online Media Too...

Howard Stern continues to amaze me with his reach into traditional media. In January of this year he headed off to a new fledgling technology, aka Satellite Radio, which had a subscriber base of a little more than 1MM people when he signed on in late 2004. Well, not only has he brought an additional 3MM people with him, but he continues to be the King of All Media.

Looking at his website traffic ratings, recently released by comScore Media Metrix, you can see Howard continues to show-up as the largest reaching radio entertainment websites online today. This is even more amazing given the fact that he has recently redesigned his site, and has had many problems. It is amazing he had any visitors in February given all the design and deployment problems they have had over at Stern’s web design team. I expect these will be fixed, or the guy running the web team will be replaced soon, but the Stern site still is drawing visitors.

The numbers above are in thousands (000). The reason are not on this chart is because the site is too small to report - it was lower than Most of their traffic is driven to The average for was less than 5k per month, which is outside of the range of error for the measurement. is still the biggest and most visited radio website, against the other entertainment based radio shows in the US. His site beats Mancow, Don & Mike, Tom Leykis, and many more. Stern even beats the big political pundits who reach millions via large syndication deals on a daily basis such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

Howard is not disappearing into the dust of satellite, such as Opie and Anthony did in 2004. Stern is as alive as ever, thanks to the incompetence of Les Mooves and his team of henchmen.

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