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Sunday, November 14, 2004

An Open Letter to Dryver and Stryde...

I hope one day my two sons will read this blog. I hope they will share the great times via this journal, but I also want to tell them that I am sorry. I am very sorry for the pain they are feeling when they read this journal...

Dear Dryver & Stryde,

I am so sorry. We have used all of your resources, ruined your environment, rolled back any and all potential developments in health care, destroyed human rights, killed freedom of speech, and created a hateful world. We leave this mess around and I wish I could make this up to you, but I can't. You probably will ask in 2039 how we could have elected such an idiot for president. Why would 51 million people vote for such a corrupt and evil man? Why did a person who had only the worst objectives in mind for peace and the earth become President?

I must tell you that we are saying the same thing, and it is 2005. We need to support the president and our government, but I wish those people in Florida would have learned how to vote, because life would have been so much different.

I love you guys and hope you will be able to clean up all the messes we have created for you. Here is a photo of our fearless leader at work, this photo speaks for itself.

By the way, you owe me $180 worth of slurpees.

Love Daddy

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