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Friday, May 06, 2005

Idea: Riding the Neighborhood Wave

With the broadband adoption in US homes surpassing the 50% mark early 2005, there is a massive pick-up in usage of wireless Internet access. Currently Internet users who take advantage of WiFi Hotspot Roaming technology (hotels/airports, offices, restaurants) pay on average $11.95/connection. A recent study by Parks reported that less than 50% of the US population had heard of hotspots, but the consumer usage rates are expected to explode 10x in 2006. Additional findings by comScore show that there were over 6MM users of HotSpot technology in 2004, with Gartner estimating revenue growth of more than $300MM over 18 months. The HotSpot market is currently owned by the larger telecoms, with 90%+ of hotspot technology deployed by wireless/telecom players. The land grab for gold has begun.

Introducing a new Internet access technology provided to the masses as a free download onto wireless networked pc’s at home/small-businesses - Cold Kiwi (CKIWI). The software runs as a hosted wireless access account and is connected to the CKIWI servers for authentication and reporting (via standard high-speed connection). Once installed, CKIWI allows consumers and small businesses to become immediate wireless hotspots and will allow for additional sources of revenue and network security for these users. The technology works as a secured authenticated gateway on the wireless network and will ensure security, while providing management/reporting of the network as a pure turnkey solution (even your grandma could run a hotspot).

When unauthorized users attempt to access the WiFI network, the CKIWI software redirects their browser to request a login. The user can login to their CKIWI account, set-up an account, or roam a partner hotspot. When identified as a non-authorized user of the network, the software requires access payment. The cost per access is defined based on the hosts preference, with the lowest limit at $4.50 per day/$2.00 per hour. CKIWI charges $4 for each day and/or $1.60 per hour (plus charges.) Ongoing users of CKIWI can set-up a global account that will allow for longer-term subscriptions across the global network.

Hotspot hosts are credited in their Pay Pal accounts. The CKIWI model works well in metro areas where consumers require wireless access and will pay to piggyback on available technology. For consumers in apartments/condos, large metro areas, near public hubs, or even in local business areas, this technology is valuable to provide security and also as an additional revenue generating tool for small businesses. Additionally, this software is provided free to all as security and network software. The customers include local business, apartments, and consumers that want to lend out their access. The software also adds a level of security for the users that normally would not be available.

Cold Kiwi has developed a strategy to deploy the route of the consumer internet driven successes of the 21st century, such as eBay and Napster, and put the control in the hands of the consumers and away from big brother. The CKIWI slogan is: ‘Riding the Neighborhood Wave'

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