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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Loss to my Heart

It is with a heavy heart and a sad soul that we say goodbye to Freda Sorce.

From Radio and Records: 'Freda Wright-Sorce, the wife of 23 years of Westwood One-syndicated Don and Mike Show co-host Don Geronimo (a.k.a. Mike Sorce), died on July 10th from injuries sustained in a head-on collision on an Ocean City, MD highway. She was 50. According to Maryland State Police, Wright-Sorce was traveling westbound when she was struck by an eastbound SUV that crossed the median in an attempt to avoid a 10-car pileup that had already occurred. Wright-Sorce was flown to a shock trauma facility in Baltimore, where she died. The 22-year-old male driver of the SUV was treated and released.'

I, as many in the nation, felt as if Freda, Bart, and Don were parts of our families. I actually have a stronger conneciton with their family than with many of my own members of my family. Don spent 20+ years opening his life to anyone who would listen, and we have become a part of his family. I never realized the connection until the announcement of Freda's death on Sunday when I started to feel the pains of losing a loved one. It was confusing and frustrating. It was sad and scairy. The loss of Freda is like the loss of one of my friends or family.

The Sorce's (Geronimo's) are someone that have made me who I am. They have changed my views on life, molded my approach to marriage and raising a family. Don and Mike have shaped my humor and outlook on life. All of this without them knowing the impact they have had on myself and millions of others in this world.

When all is said and done, it will be the little things, such as an afternoon drivetime radio show, that make a larger impact than you would ever imagine. They say the best things in life are free, and the Don and Mike show meet, and exceed, this definition. Though they are the best, theyy are no longer free. The loss of Freda has proven this to me.

May she rest in peace. God bless Bart and Don.

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