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Monday, August 29, 2005

Busy at Work: The Mad Stink Bomber

Busy today at work (I just returned from vacation), we planted a stink bomb in Nick's office first thing in the morning. We put it under one of the extra chairs across from his deck and set it up so it would break when the visitor rolled the chair forward. The kids and I found the stink bombs when in North Carolina at the beach this past week, we found a cool shop that had magic and other neat stuff (fake vomit, fart spray, pull my finger Jesus, fake dog doo, and very hot candy).

Dryver right away ran over and picked out the stink bomb since it had a picture of a guy with a bad look on his face, holding his nose. It was pretty funny looking. Dryver told me to get it since it looked like fun. I asked him if he thought I should take it to work, and he started laughing like a nut in a crazy house. I am proud of this little guy, he has a sense of humor and likes to play jokes also.

When I got into work first thing in the morning, Serge and I decided that Nick was the best victim (note: it only took about 20 seconds to decide this), since he would get pissed off the most. We all decided that Nick would probably not speak to us for at least 4-5 days and would probably want to retaliate, but it would be worth it. To test the bomb (always test a bomb - as we learned with the Nuclear age) Serge, Anthony, and I went out to the parking lot to test out one of the stinkers. We had to hide as June Porco was behind us, and we were sure she would not find this use of work time funny.

We smashed the bomb against the wall found it was terrible and would be even worse inside (smells like rotten eggs). We were excited that soon Nick would be running around, very pissed off, and yelling at people. Well, Saad was in Nick's office and saw the planted bomb on the floor, too bad. Since Saad is pretty up to date in this world of Stink Bombs and Fart Spray, he knew what is was, and we were busted. Somehow Nick knew immediately it was us.

I have 11 more of these things and am not sure what to do with them yet, but will find a victim soon. I will keep an update on the 'Stink Attack'.

More to come...

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