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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Official End of the World?

I am wedged on a Jet Blue flight to Oakland from Washington DC. I just watched the two most unsettling television reality shows ever broadcast on cable. As I watched these programs I started to question if we were actually within walking distance to the end of the world as the religious nuts say; these shows are unbelievable. I am watching this phenomenon, sort of like viewing a person being killed on TV or driving by a massive car wreck and looking at the injuries or dead bodies. I can only think of Revelations in the bible and the nutty preacher on TV saying the end is near. If these shows are a reflection of our world, I am officially scared. This is coming from a guy that likes eccentric and surreal.

The appalling thing is I could not keep my eyes off of this display, I was immovable. The first show I saw was on VH1 it was called Breaking Bonaduce and was about Danny Bonaduce and his problems with his life. This guy has major issues and has just made up my mind that Dryver and/or Stryde should never become child actors or models. The second show is even worse, it is on MTV and is called ‘My Super Sweet 16’. This show is the ultimate in brats and abuse of money. I am sick watching these two shows. I have to make sure I Tivo these shows from now on.

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