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Monday, September 19, 2005

Stryde Safety Week

So we finally decided that the strainer was not very safe for the road, especially since Stryde was going full speed down the street the other day. He seemed to get even more daring with the strainer helmet, the true definition of a false sense of security.

We decided to go to the bike shop and get him a helmet. Of course he wanted the most complex and expensive version of their helmets. I think this model has airbags and you can drop a daisy cutter bomb on the person wearing the helmet with no damage. It was tested on Nick Nolte, but they could not tell a difference before and after.

Anyway, he now wears the strainer inside and the real helmet outdoors on his bike and big wheel. We are even more excited that people are not looking at him and laughing any longer, at least because of the helmet. We are also happy that there is no more hair in our pasta dinners.

Stryde and his new bike helmet, Sept 2005 Posted by Picasa

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