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Monday, October 24, 2005

Childhood Friends...

I am so proud of Dryver. He has matured into such a caring and respectful little boy. He is a leader in his classroom, at preschool, and has developed some excellent friendships.

Dryver is still a little shy, but he also is willing to push the boundaries and meet new kids, of all ages. He loves playing with the ‘Big Kids’ and also kids at the playground. I have always been a little concerned about Dryver ‘fitting in’ and feeling confident, only because of my personal experience growing up. As a kid I always struggled with how to become a part of the group and always had self esteem issues within school and my peers. I do really believe the few friends that I was close to were what helped me get though the really tough parts of my life. I am really happy to see how Dryver has made such strong friends in his peer group already, and I hope these carry over into elementary school.

Many studies have shown that a child’s peers and friends have a huge impact on their character and morals growing up. The support system of friends and peers for these kids is immeasurable. I watch everyday as kids in the middle school youth group interact with each other and are guided in decisions by the group. I am always impressed that the vast majority of these kids are very responsible and respectful. I can guarantee this is a function of their parents and environment, but more importantly, their friends.

Dryver and Nathan at George Mason Playground - October 23rd, 2005

Dryver’s best friends (Nanny, Nathan, Robbie, Amanda, Cameron, etc…) all provide Dryver an immeasurable benefit of providing him the things he needs most: guidance, support, and self-esteem. Additionally, these friends ensure Dryver is happy and involved. I realize there will be tough times as Dryver and Stryde grow-up, but I hope the friends Dryver has will help him though the toughest times

I know in my heart that both Dryver and Stryde will be successful in life, I just want to help them as much as possible towards living a happy and fulfilling life.

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