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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Fall Fun Weekend

We had a busy day on Sunday! We got up pretty early and made a full breakfast for the kids (including orange sweet rolls). Jenny and her two cute daughters (Jessie and Lilia) were in town visiting from NYC and we had been up late with them and some other guests on Saturday night. We spent the day on Saturday going to movies (Wallace and Gromit) and shopping since the weather was one of those tepid fall rainy days. It was fun going to see movies and staying inside. The kids went to bed around 10pm and were zonked out from a full day of running around and acting crazy. They did not get to bed until midnight on Friday night.

We had church this morning, including teaching Creation Station to the 3rd and 4th graders. I did a puppet show, though the kids stayed home (due to the fiasco last week) to prepare for the day out (and watch a movie or two).

Once church was over we traveled to Clinton, Maryland to Cherry Hill Farms & Orchard. Cherry Hill has a full Halloween set-up, including Hayrides and Farm animals - Over 500 scarecrows dressed as everything under the sun (Shrek, Scooby Doo, Napoleon Dynamite, etc…) there were also huge hay slides, animals in the barn, scary tunnels, nature walk, a fun hayride, and a pumpkin patch. We did this with the kids and Jenny and Jennifer. We had a great time running around, eating donuts, Dryver and I shared a pickle on a stick and we rode the hayride.

After around three hours we picked out our pumpkins and Jenny headed back to Brooklyn and we headed back home. We returned home and spent an hour or so cleaning up the house and playing video games. Neither Stryde nor Dryver took a nap, so they were getting very tired and Dryver’s eyes were droopy. I had to go to Youth Group, which we had a speaker talk about Drugs in Alexandria and Meth labs. It was pretty interesting and informative. I scored best on the test (16 out of 17 correct).

Anyway, Jennifer took the kids to Target to go shopping while I was out to keep them from falling asleep. We figured they would go to bed early. Well, on the way home she stopped to buy a Frappuccino since she was getting tired also from the long weekend. I don’t drink coffee, but I guess a Frappuccino is blended with very strong coffee, sugar; with a dairy base, and ice. It is pretty sweet and it has so much caffeine that it is known to give you both a brain freeze and a frontal lobe-pounding buzz all at once. It has double-strength coffee by measuring 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup.

On the way home in the truck, Stryde kept insisting that he wanted to try mommy’s coffee drink. Jennifer, thinking he would not like it, since it is coffee, handed it back to him to taste. Well he took a big sip and liked it, a lot. She told him to give the drink back to her to which he replied ‘No mommy, this is Strydie’s drink.’ By the time Jennifer was able to stop at a red light and grab it back, he had consumed over a half of the full caffeine laced beverage. I am sure he would have been a good case study for our class for Youth Group.

Well, I returned home around 7pm and cooked dinner (left over pizza) and Stryde was walking around talking about his notebook. He was definitely acting very strange, so we had him eat some pizza and breadsticks. We also gave him some milk and water. We played a little longer and then went upstairs to read books. As usual, I read books to the kids, including the new favorite – Five Little Pumpkins. While I was reading I realized that Stryde was acting even stranger. He was talking in tongues and singing a strange song. He started to jump on the bed and tell Dryver that he loved him.

He bounced on the bed and every time I went to grab him he would bounce down to the ground and run to the bathroom. I was thinking he was the next Evil Kenevil. I finished the books and said prayers. I put Stryde and Dryver to bed and within five minutes Dryver was sawing wood. He was out! On the other hand, Stryde was bouncing off the walls. He was jumping, swinging, and rocking around the house.

I headed downstairs and informed Jennifer that Stryde was officially out of his mind on a controlled substance. I told her that she needed to go talk to Stryde, and as we turned around Stryde was walking in the living room singing a song. He spent the next 2 hours running around the house, both upstairs and down. He was having a blast and though this was the best time of his life. He was literally bouncing off walls and laughing so loud I could hear him outside when I took the trash out.

By midnight he was lying in bed with Jennifer and talking a mile a minute. Jennifer kept telling him to close his eyes and he would but then complain he could not see. He would then jump up and jump on Jennifer telling her to ‘Wake up!’ At around 12:30 he looked over to Jennifer and said ‘No nap mommy’ and then laid down and was out cold. He snored like an old man for a few hours and I took him back to his bed.

The next morning he was is good spirits. He saw Jennifer and ran over and said, ‘more coffee mommy!’

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