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Friday, October 21, 2005

Halloween Time...

The kids are excited about Halloween. This year will be fun as they both really understand what Halloween is and they are both very very happy it is coming soon. Dryver and Stryde are both going to be Power Rangers this year. They have a full blown costume with head gear, boots, gloves, and the outfit.

I think we will expand our trick-or-treat area this year and go a few additional blocks. Dryver told me he was going to save his candy so he had enough for the week. He also said he would help Stryde out with saving his candy also. I think he wants to be a Candy Investment Advisor.

The kids are also very excited that Grandpa and Sue Sue are coming to visit. We are planning on carving the pumpkins with Grandpa and Sue Sue are in town next weekend. Because of all the parties we have been to, we have 12 pumpkins now in the front of our house. I think Grandpa will be in charge of this project.

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