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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Old Man River...

I am so damn old!

Saturday (10/15) was my birthday and I had a pretty good time. I spent the day with the family at Cox Farm. The kids and Jennifer had a great time. We went down slides, ate apples, ran in the hay, rode the hayride, fed the goats, hung on a rope, and picked out some pumpkins.

I also spent time with a person (confidential) that is planning on running for Alexandria School Board. They asked me to run their campaign, and I am going to help.

Though I am only 37 or so I took an online test of your ‘Real Age’ and I am actually 52. Though if you take the test on 'How Old do you Act?' I am 14 years old. So on average I am 33, so I am ahead of the game. It says: 'You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.'

Anyway, I was interested this year in the amount of email I received from companies on my birthday. I received birthday emails from:

- Yahoo! *also showed up on My Yahoo! (Thanks Jessopp!)
- Hotmail and gMail
- (10% off) (Thanks Russ)
- Hillary Clinton’s Campaign (Thanks Hillary)
- Verizon online
- Howard Stern
- Ofoto/Kodak (free prints)
- FONZ (National Zoo)
- Webshots (discount offer)
- Michael Moore
- Pepsi Cola/Mountain Dew
- The DNC

I am sure there were others, though my SPAM blocker catches most of the crap. The best personal email I received was from a client (Jeff) at MSN, he is such a great guy, and it shows the character of a person to remember your birthday like that.

I did not get much email from family, just some phone calls. I think I might need to use this service next year. You can send yourself an email in the future. People at work sent me a note also, though the most creative was from Mike P, as expected.

I did hear from my sisters, mom, dad, and Sue. Jennifer's parents and family also are great at remebering my birthday.

Anyway – I think this email list tells me a lot… I need a new focus in life! Maybe politics?

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