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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sports Sports Sports

Alright, Dryver and Stryde both are getting into sports more and more. This is a good thing since they enjoy the games and have been very excited to be involved in many different types of teams. Stryde loves to play sports and I think he is going to be a good athlete at whatever he puts his mind to. He can take a hit and is not scared of pain or getting knocked on his ass. Dryver is not as rugged, but he seems to get involved and enjoys the game. Dryver is a great team player and will be good for team sports. Stryde is so aggressive and self focused I wonder if he will either have to be the star of the team or play a game like tennis.

I am proud of these guys because they are so into the game and being a part of the team. I was never really athletic, but was very competitive, and still am. I hope the kids get the sports from Jennifer's side of the family and the competitiveness from both sides. I do worry sometimes that Dryver will be scared like I was as a kid of sports and physical games where you could get injured. When I was very little I did not really get into sports and never was able to recover from the early days of not being on a team.

I did do softball with the Cub Scouts and enjoyed it, though I was the worst on the team and would be put in right field every week. I already see that Stryde and Dryver are ahead of I was in sports and games.

Dryver did well with Kickball and Soccer. Stryde has been good at all sports he had tried. I think they will both be good and will really enjoy sports as they get older. Worst case I hope they are at least good at golf. That would already make them one ahead of their old man.

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