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Monday, November 28, 2005

Fresca Rules!

This may sound like a commercial, but it is the farthest thing from that. I just want to get the word out on a product that I think is undervalued.

I think Fresca is one of the best soft drinks ever invented. Not only is it refreshing and sugar free, it also tastes great. The good news is the smart folks at Coca-Cola have finally extended the brand into a few new flavors.

Fresca now comes in three flavors… The original Sparkling Citrus which is based on a grapefruit base; Sparkling Peach Citrus which is awesome and tastes like heaven; and finally Sparkling Black Cherry Citrus which is not too sweet, but has that great cutting taste of Black Cherry.

This drink is perfect for the morning when you are waking up, as it gives you a kick, without sugar or caffeine. The flavor is cutting enough to override the strong flavor of artificial sweetener and it does not linger. Finally, for a drink that was originally trademarked in 1963, it is still a great drink. The drink was launched 40 years ago this coming April.

Here is some Fresca Trivia for you when at a dinner party where they are serving this great drink:

- The original ad campaign was “Blizzard Girl”
- Fresca was the first product by Coca-Cola to be marketed in Tin-Free steel cans.
- There have been eight product designs, with the original recipe still intact.
- This is the only Coke soft drink product that does not have a Pepsi equivalent
- Fresca was the favorite drink of US President LBJ who had a tap installed at the desk in the Oval Office.
- In Latin America, Coca-Cola markets an entirely different soft drink under the Fresca brand name. This drink is grapefruit-flavored, but contains sugar.
- In the mid-80's, the drink was given its one major ingredient change, in that it was now being sweetened with aspartame.

I strongly suggest everyone to try out the new flavors. If you have not tried Fresca in awhile, take the plunge, even if it is the original flavor for old time’s sake. Also, why not use the new Fresca Wallpaper for fun on your desktop.

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