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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Short History of the Alexandria School Board

Here are some important dates for the Alexandria School Board. Everyone in Alexandria should be aware of these events…

* 21-Jun-01 - Board announces Rebecca Perry as New Superintendent
* 1-Jul-03 - Annual base salary of $168,000 & $650 car allowance per month
* 23-Apr-04 - Mrs. Perry charged with DUI - Perry's breath test showed a blood alcohol content of 0.12. Virginia's legal limit is 0.08
* 24-Apr-04 - School Board meets to discuss the DUI situation and other recent issues in the school system.
* 29-Apr-04 - Board votes to retain Perry (reduce contract by one year to 2005)
* 04-May-04 - School Board states they are going to search for replacement for Perry ASAP
* 11-Jun-04 - Perry, pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated - 30-day suspended jail sentence treatment program & one-year suspension of Perry's license
* 1-Jul-04 - Annual increase in Perry’s salary to $175,000 (though she is on probation)
* 8-Aug-04 - Perry receives approximately $10K per year for a car allowance, though she has no driving privileges in Virginia until 2005.
* 17-Nov-04 - Behind closed doors and without any community envolvement the School Board extends Perry’s contract through the 2008 school year
* 5-Dec-04 - Board announces there was no search for a replacement and they were misunderstood.
* 1-Jul-05 - Board increases Perry salary to 189,744
* 15-Sep-05 - 2006 FY Budget: 165,800,957 (increase of 8,643,416)
* 29-Sep-05 - 2007 FY proposed op budget: $181,071,961 (increase of 16MM)
* 30-Jun-08 - Perry current contract expires

The problem with this timeline of events is the School Board made a commitment to the community, and then backed out of that verbal contact behind closed doors. Remember this on May 2nd, 2006 when you vote for the new school board.

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