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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bowling for Dryver's Birthday...

We went bowling yesterday for Dryver's Birthday party. His birthday isn't until January 6th, but we wanted to celebrate in St. Louis while we are here.

We had a great time at the bowling ally with Juju, Papa, and the gang. Uncle Jon even got out of work early and was able to come roll a frame or two. I had a $20 bet with Jon where he spotted me 10 points. Well, I rolled a 165 and he rolled somewhere South of 80. I told him he didn't need to spot me. Juju bowled great, as she always does. She rolled around 130 on both games.

I used to bowl around 180 in college when we would go out drinking and bowl with Eddie, Larson and Robison. I even remember Robison and I got into betting on the horses at the bowling alley in Peoria. It was a blast.

Anyway, Dryver had a great time, as did everyone else (except maybe Jon when he had to pony up a $20 spot.)

Here is a photo of the two bowling champs for the day! Posted by Picasa

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