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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Richard Pryor 1940 - 2005...

Richard Pryor, one of the most talented comedians in the history of comedy, passed away as a result of a heart attack this past weekend at the age of 65.

I normally try to keep the site light hearted and avoid stories like this, but people like Richard Pryor are an exception to my rule. I thank him for all the times as a kid I stayed up late and held a pillow over my face to muffle the laughs while I snuck around to watch him on television. I thank him for the only movie of his I was allowed to watch as a kid which was The Toy. I thank him for the movies I wasn't allowed to watch, but did anyway which were Silver Streak and Stir Crazy. And I've lost count of how many times I've seen Which Way Is Up?. I thank him for all of the fantastic comedians he's inspired. I thank him for making funny funnier, and I thank him for making my potty mouth pottier.

Give 'em hell, Richard.

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