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Saturday, December 24, 2005

St. Louis Here We Come!

We are headed off to St. Louis to spend a week with Juju, Papa, and Uncle Jon. We are going to spend a week there over Christmas and I am sure we are going to have a great time. The kids love coming to visit Juju’s house because it is wide open and very conducive to them playing in every room possible in the big house. Both the kids are very excited to go see Juju and Papa and have been talking about it for the past week or so. I think the added excitement of Christmas coming up is even getting them more crazed.

Stryde has been sick for a couple of weeks now, and just yesterday they said he had a double ear infection. I think the best thing for him is to go and spend some time with his grandparents (though he can become pretty crabby when he is sick.)

The other thing the kids are very excited about is the fact they are going to be able to ‘knock out Uncle Jon with a pillow.’ They love to have pillow fights with their Uncle Jon and I am sure the first thing they do when they see him will be to take out the built up energy of traveling on his head with a nice pillow to the noggin. They love the play with their Uncle and I think he loves to play with them. It will be great when they get a little older as I am sure he would enjoy playing football or catch with them (or even golf).

Jennifer loves going to visit her parents and brother and spends most of the time with her mom having a great time shopping, that is always fun as they both seem to find great deals when they go out. They use it as a mission I think.

I really enjoy going on a trip to St. Louis to visit the In-Laws because it is one of the few times I actually get to relax. When we go visit Chicago for example, we are usually spending most of the time running around visiting friends and family. It is very enjoyable to see our friends, but I like it just as much to just relax a little and watch TV or go see movies.

I usually get to go out and play golf with Doug, if the weather is above 20 degrees and there is no snow. That is also fun as it is low stress and just fun, as golf should be. I actually don’t really mind when I hit the ball into the tree when playing with Doug as he is so much better than me I have nothing to lose. I do hope I will be able to play golf with Jon also (he has become a great golfer over the past year or so).I am sure this trip will be short, but I hope we all will be ready to start the New Year when we return to DC on January 1st. It is going to be an interesting year, and we need a break before the craziness starts.

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