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Sunday, December 11, 2005

We Sure Have Come Far!

In 1989 I was in college and had a Dell computer in my dorm room. I remember it was the top of the line Dell that my dad had bought for me. All the people on my floor in Williams Hall would use the computer for homework and term papers. We did have access to the internet, and would use it for research, though the library was the best for this still.

I came across this ad from 1989 that shows a Radio Shack computer that was on sale for a little less than 9,000. It had 2MB Ram, 16MB hard drive, and 20MHz processor. This price did not even include the monitor or mouse.

I just bought a top of the line Dell computer with 1TB of disk, 4GHz processor, 4GB Ram, 24 Inch flat screen monitor, top of the line printer, MS Office professional, 4 year on site warranty, and much more. I bought all this for less than $2,500 including the mouse!

How Far We Have Come in 15 Years! Posted by Picasa

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