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Monday, January 23, 2006

Blogging 101: The Best Marketing Blogs

How do companies like Whole Foods create word of mouth marketing at a fraction of the expense that big competitors like Safeway do? How can a small business compete with the big guys?
The blogosphere is rich with marketing resources that cater to big brand professionals and small businesses as well as women and Generation Y. I have created a list of the top marketing blogs for you to use and add to your blogroll. - For growing businesses in search of some great marketing ideas, Duct Tape Marketing is a worthwhile online pit stop. - Agent of change Seth Godin is a must-read. Why? He's provocative, wise and wickedly clever. Postings are slim but pithy. In one he rails against the dearth of hot water in the U.K., inability of car companies to create safe cars for teens (the number one cause of death), and the ineffectiveness of car seats for kids. - Baggott's passionate belief is that "e-mail is the greatest marketing tool in history." And as founder of e-mail software maker Exact Target, he has expertise in the matter. Baggott blogs about everything from praising Sam Walton's data-driven marketing religion (which is now made easier via e-mail and the Web) to panning data inertia, which can cloud decisions. - This Maryland-based site stakes out the online marketing world with deep news that's rich in detail and background. It is an essential bookmark for those wanting to keep current on this fast changing arena.

These are all great blogs for the marketing professional, or even just the small business owner.

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