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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google Customer Satisfaction?

The net has been a'buzz around Google and there is a groundswell of users/advertisers that are getting frustrated with Google. The 'Golden Boy' of the net, is losing some of it's greatness, though Wall Street isn't showing this.

Now, this is not strange, as the great feelings around Google had to shift as they became bigger and bigger and tried to be everything for everyone. They are still running a great company there and it is an amazing story! This is a story that will be in business case studies for years and decades to come.

That being said, A study from mid-2005 of national advertisers and interviews with a handful of marketing agencies indicate that the Internet giant could have a customer service problem.
"Google has always been bad -- worse than bad even," said Dana Todd, the president of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), a 300-member trade group founded in 2002.

Now, they are still going gangbusters, and there is no signs of the company slowing down any time soon. It is refreshing to see users and advertisers looking for alternatives in the growing market (see chart).

The real problem is the alternatives are limited. I expect we will see something new in 2006, but until then, Google is the place to be.

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