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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Interesting Marketing Approach...

The ImpeachPAC group is trying a new approach to marketing online. They have reached out to many of their 'left' leaning partners and asked them to send out an email to all of their subscribers and users.

What they are telling consumers is to use Google to find their site. The idea is creative as the message is around the Bush adminstration's attempt to get search data from Google, and Google's refusal. The idea is creative, but somewhat risky as I am not sure how long until someone buys the keywords that will get them listed. The other issue is they have no way to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

So I guess with creativity you give up some things, maybe that is why companies stay away from being creative.

Here is some text from their message...

If Bush wants to use Google to find out what Americans are thinking, let's tell him - LOUD AND CLEAR.

Please visit right now and type this: IMPEACHPAC

That's it, just IMPEACHPAC

When you get the Google search results, click on the very first link for IMPEACHPAC.

Once you visit IMPEACHPAC, we hope you'll send a second message by making a small donation to help us elect pro-impeachment candidates to Congress. Our goal is $100,000, and we're over half-way there.

I will keep an eye on how long it takes for advertisers to show up and who the advertisers are...

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