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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our Trip to St. Louis...

We are back from St. Louis. It was a great trip as I really had no access to the web, so I could not do much work. We went bowling and to the science center. We went to the arcade a few times and to dinner. I also did a puzzle that was 1,000 pieces, which was fun. It was a great time with the family and friends.

Dryver had a great time playing and hanging out. I thought he would want to go home after a few days, but was actually sad we were leaving after being there for over a week. He really enjoyed the trip.

Stryde was a little crazy, he was sick with a double ear infection when we got there so he was acting crabby. He would walk around telling everyone he did not like them. Well, later in the week he was feeling better, but decided it was funny to tell Papa that he did not like him and would go around saying it to him.

Doug did see the humor in it and would tease him so he would get more riled up, which was very funny. It was interesting to see Stryde and watch how he acted to get a rise out of people. He is a little pistol and has always had that edge going for him. Now that we are back in DC, he walks around telling people that he misses Papa, Juju and Jon.

Well, I guess he is still two years old. I assume, and hope, he grows out of this craziness. Only time will tell. Posted by Picasa

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