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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leadership Defined...

I have been really lucky to be involved recently in a new business environment, aka a new career at a company out West in Cali. More to come on that front soon, but in the meantime I experienced an amazing feeling recently and it has changed who I am.

I forgot how important leadership is to an organization and how much it shapes the company. I forgot the impact the leaders of a company have on the overall company growth and success. I forgot that leadership is what makes companies successful.  Leaders are influential in the organization and to me influencer equals leader.

I have been struggling with trying to understand why certain companies were successful and why others were not, it is because of leadership. I have been trying to better understand the impact the CEO or other C-level people have on the success of a company, and I now realize it is leadership. Great leaders are worth their weight in gold. Great leaders will payoff 1000x what you pay them. Great leaders will make the difference regardless of the environment or business situation.

I have had an awaking to something I knew already in my heart and in my head. It is like I have come out of a cloud of confusion and have seen the light. I have gotten religion, it is called the awaking of leadership.

The people I am involved with today are the types of leaders who define the ability to lead. They are the types of people that look out for each individual contributor and respect them for who they are and what they can bring. These people I have joined recently have been tremendously successful in business, and it is not because of luck or timing, it is because of pure leadership. If you think I am speaking to you, I am.

Trust me, when you experience this environment you will know what I am talking about. I understand your confusion. I understand where you are. I understand why this might not make sense to you. But it will, one day.

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