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Monday, February 27, 2006

NYC and My Special Ride...

We headed to NYC President's Day Weekend and it was cold! We had a great time staying with some friends in Brooklyn and the kids had a great time. We usually head up to NYC around this time in February, though it is not usually this cold.

We went to the Brooklyn's Children’s Museum and I was blown away. It is an amazing place for kids and I had no clue how nice it is. I strongly suggest you head there with your kids if you are going to Brooklyn. It is well worth the trip. They have great event rooms and themes for the kids. Dryver got to dress up as a cowboy and Stryde did a whole show at the fully functioning stage.

We stayed at a friends house and ate and drank great food and wine. I was sitting watching the Olympics with Chris (friend and owner of the house). I was sitting on the stool in their kitchen, which they had just had renovated. It was a fun time watching Curling and rooting for the US team. Dryver came over to watch the Curling with me and eat his dessert. Well, long story short, the stool fell apart while I was sitting on it.

Luckily Dryver had just jumped on my lap, or I would have been even more embarrassed because the stool just fell apart while I was sitting in it. It was like slow motion as I felt like I was riding an elevator down to the floor. When the whole chair had crashed, I was sitting in their dog and cat dish with Dryver on my lap.

Chris (seen below) and Jenni thought it was funny. I guess I need to get back to the Gym for sure this time. This is a sign that I am one of those guys that breaks chairs and has to buy two seats on an airplane.

Anyway, we had a great time. The trip was fun, the guests were great, and I even got a great ride on a new rollercoaster!

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