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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Things Are Nuts...

Things have been crazy with about 100 things going on. Work, politics, church, kids, family, travel, school, website, parties, social, etc...

The family is doing well, though Dryver ended up in the ER last night for 5-6 hours. Stryde knocked him out of bed around 7pm and he hit his neck on the edge of the bedstand. There were three docs that looked at him and did XRays to make sure he was okay.

It was not fun, but I am happy he is okay. The doctor said to keep an eye on him to make sure he did not need anything crazy like a neck brace or something, but we will not know until Tuesday if we need to take him back to the doctors office. I realized that the ER is strange. You wait for hours to see a nurse, and then wait another hour or so to get into a room. You then wait time for XRays, MRIs, Meds, etc...

After all this waiting and frustration, you walk out feeling good. Because the 10 min or so they spent with you have made you feel better about the situation. Even if you are in pain or your child is hurt, at least they have helped. This is an inverse customer service environment where the experience really does not matter, since the end is what you remember.

Anyway, I hope we don't have to go back anytime soon.

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