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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Clooney Awards...

I am watching the Academy Awards now, right this minute, and can guarantee you that at exactly 20 minutes after 8pm EST, no one will make as such a powerful and emotional speech tonight as great as George Clooney just did. I was watching him as they announced that he won the award for Best Supporting Actor, for Syriana. All I could think of was ER and some of those People Magazine covers he was on in the late 90’s.

Wow, I just have been blown away. He walked up, and I was nervous, as I am when anyone gets up to a microphone that might embarrass themselves. Then I saw his speech. It was amazing. For the first time, since Tom Hanks speech after he won for Philadelphia, I have been touched personally and was moved by what he said.

George came on and told some great jokes, even mentioning that he would not win for Director because he won for Best Supporting Actor. He spoke about how he would be called the Oscar Winning George Clooney, 1997 Hottest Bachelor, from now on. It was great, and I kept waiting for him to thank the Key Grip on his film. He continued to tell a few jokes and then turned it to a touching statement about the academy. He spoke about how Hollywood did get out of touch with reality, but it was good sometimes to be out of touch because you can make a difference.

I seriously think I am going to turn off the show, there is no way anyone can top what he said. It was elegant and wonderful. Thanks Dr. Doug Ross… Keep up the good work!

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