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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Dad...

My father passed away in his sleep this weekend. It was shocking and unexpected for us, as he was not sick and was in his upper 60's. He had a heart attack while he was taking a nap in the afternoon, and when my step-mom returned from the gym he was gone. We are all saddened by the loss. He meant the world to me.

My Dad was the person in my life that made me who I am today and who I strive to be one day.

He taught me that being a parent and husband is the most important thing I can do in this world.

He was the person who I always looked up to as a shelter, as a mentor, and as a true friend.

My Dad is the man I aspire to be and the man I hope I can live my life after.

My Dad is the man who you see and wonder why he is so happy and proud.
He was so happy and proud of his family. He was so proud of the people around him. He was genuinely happy because he was around the people he loved.

My Dad was the man that everyone loved and respected, because of his character and love for life.

He always had an answer for any question and always had many words of encouragement for me and people around him.

He helped me every time I was down and rejoiced every time I was up.

My Dad was a person who was so proud of any accomplishment and never had a bad word to say.

He sincerely and unconditionally cared and loved me and the people around him.

My Dad is the guy in the room that truly cares about what you have to say.

My Dad is the guy that did not care what people thought of him, but would fight if he thought they were disrespecting one of us.

My Dad is the humble guy that has accomplished great things in his life, but only cares about what you have done.

He is the man that would share stories and would share knowledge and make it fun.

My Dad is the guy that can actually make sense in a room of 20 women.

My Dad is the guy on the train that offers his seat to a lady, even if she is 50 years younger.

My Dad is the man who will return to the store if he gets five cents too much change.

He is the most honest, loving, caring, and gentle man I have ever met.

I am so proud to have known him, I am even prouder that he was my Dad!

He is a teacher; A mentor; A guide; A friend; A partner; but most importantly A Dad.

He means so much to me and has made such a indelible mark in my life.

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