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Friday, March 17, 2006

Web 2.0 Technology...

There are a ton of new technologies that are coming out everyday. I am always intrigued by the social and open aspects of Web 2.0 and beyond.

Well, I have compiled a list of cool technologies and services that fall under the Web 2.0 umbrella and are worth time checking out. This is not the full list, or even a comprehensive list, just a list of services that are new, or pretty new, and fit my definition of Web 2.0

Check them out when you have a few seconds.

Zoomclouds - Make & publish tag clouds.

Crazyegg - Improve effectiveness of your site.

Web marketing 2.0 - Wiki on Marketing 2.0.

Simpleticket - Helpdesk solution.

Zillow - Get your home valuated (map mash-up).

Spotrunner - Recycle, recreate & air tv ads.

Jigsaw - Subscribe, buy, sell sales contacts.

Google Earth* - Global maps.

Picasa - Find, edit & share photos.

Gdisk - Hosting thru Gmail.

Numbler - Excel spreadsheet online.

Mochikit - Suite of JS libraries.

Technorati - Find what people are saying.

Previewseek - Byebye Google?

Ajaxwhois - Results while you type.

Feedburner - Manage your rss & podcast feeds.

Jotform - Make your Ajax webforms.

Bigoven - Publish & share recipes.

Formassembly - Create, host & manage forms.

Wikispaces - Collaborative content & editing.

Fon - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections.

Turnhere - Upload & share video (local).

Wikipedia - Read & co-edit encyclopedia.

Timetracker - Keep track of time.

Spinvox - From voice to text to mobile or email.

Writely - Store, edit & share documents.

There are so many of these, it is amazing, but these are a few that I like! Go Web 2.0!

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