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Friday, April 21, 2006

Good Night David Lee Roth…

David Lee Roth ended his radio career this morning about 30 minutes ago. He was not able to say goodbye on the air and was replaced with music. This is no surprise, he is not a radio guy. The guys that should have been fired are Joel Hollandar and Les Moonves. They decided after hearing this guy on the air for months of test shows in 2005 that he was good for their flagship station in NYC. I listened for two hours and knew he was done.

I predicted that David Lee Roth would not make it through the year, back on January 3rd, 2006.

Unfortunately, there is no possible scenario that I can consider where Roth is going to be successful. Even if he starts doing very extreme stunts on the show and brings in high class guests, he is not a radio guy. His concert stories are going to dry up in a few weeks, his excitement for this job is going to wane, and he is going to die on the vine. Mark my words, January 3, 2006, David Lee Roth will not be on WXRK by January 3, 2007.

I thought CBS would at least give him 9-12 months. These guys amaze me on how stupid they are. Radio does draw the retarded. Many times you look at a company from the outside and wonder why they are doing certain things, but realize there is probably a good reason for it. Well, this time there is no good reason. These guys are incompetent!

Fire Les Moonves! Fire Joel Hollandar! Dump the stock. These guys will go down in history as the guys that killed the Radio Star.

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