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Friday, April 07, 2006

In Search of Great Writers…

Or even good story tellers. I realized the other night that I was burned out and needed to surf the web for fun and enjoyment. I figured I would go to my favorite blogs and read-up on what they were up to recently. It reminded me of when my Dad would go in the basement and read all of his New Republic and Scientific American magazines from the past month.

Anyway, I read all the most recent posts that I had missed over the past week while I was traveling. I still wanted more. I was having fun. In the past I would have gone to Google or Yahoo! and looked at the news for something interesting. I would have visited the Stern Fan Network or College Humor. I might have even gone to blogspot and just hit the ‘Next Blog’ button on the top to scroll through a list of blogs that really were about nothing. But this time, I found the Holy Grail.

I went to my favorite blog sites (Cultured State, DC Blogs, Kevin Mills, BuzzMachine, A VC), which I had read already, and looked at the sites they liked reading (aka their BlogRoll). All of a sudden I was opened up to a rich other world of bloggers. Now, most of these sites were either out of date (note – I do realize that just because a site has not posted in a week or two, does not mean it is not a good blog, blogs are more like magazines than newspapers) or not my cup of tea, but I did find a few additional sites that were good reading. They also were a lot of what I was interested in, since they were the blogs that people I liked to read, would read themselves.

I was able to read many new insights into topics that I enjoy. I updated my blogroll to make sure it was really up to date on the blogs I read. I also added a few blogs that I came across during my journey. I hope people start using the blogroll more often. It is a great way to discover great and exciting content.

I also hope one day, that I never have to see a blog roll that says: Google News, Edit-me, Edit-me!

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