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Friday, May 12, 2006

Coke Gets Buzzed...

Next month the Coca-Cola Co. will celebrate its 120th anniversary - 120 years since someone paid a nickel for Doc Pemberton's inspiration-in-a-glass at Jacobs Pharmacy.

There is a ton of news everyday on Coke and all their brands.  But in the meantime, did you realize…

  • Coke interacts with consumers over 1 Billion times per day
  • They have many new products in the last three months including: Tab Energy, Blak, Full Throttle Fury (Citrus Flavored energy drink)
  • When bottled water came along, one director called it a "low-margin road to nowhere."
  • Coke's board nixed the acquisition of Gatorade, in what one equity analyst calls a "transformative mistake."
  • The unexpected death of CEO Goizueta in October 1997 sent the company into a tailspin
  • The Coke board is a tight-knit group of 11 people whose average age is 67
  • Warren Buffett, 75, is gone, having announced in February that he would leave the board after 17 years to spend more time on Berkshire Hathaway
  • They are looking at sodas as potential "carriers of health and wellness," searching for new, natural sweeteners, and trying to convince Coke and its bottlers that they can distribute 1,000 brands

They are such a powerhouse, but what a long road ahead. 

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