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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Push, Cut The Cord, Register The Domain…

So I just saw the news that Angelina Jolie just gave birth to her new baby daughter with Brad Pitt. This occurred just a few hours ago literally thousands of miles from their home town of Hollywood. There was plenty of hype as the news came across the wire; I even got a breaking news alert from CNN and Yahoo!

Okay, this is not really what I would call breaking news, but it sure is important. The news is all over the place. The country where she gave birth has closed the borders to ensure paparazzi did not get in to get the first shot of the little infant. We are all ready and waiting to see what the most beautiful child in the world really looks like.

The official statement from their publicist was just released about 15 minutes ago on the wire:

"The night of May 27, 2006 in Namibia, Africa, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed their daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. No further information is being given,"

Okay, so what’s a 37 year old, balding, married man to do? I guess I could be happy for them. I could turn off Cops and switch to E! Television. I could run over to Gawker and check out the details on the news.

No, I will go to my favorite place on the web, and register the domain SHILOHPITT.COM.

Money in the bank baby. I am in the domain business, so I need to be on my toes. I am very sure that I am one of the first to come up with this idea and I run over to the computer and pull up my bookmarked domain manager. I do a little dance on the way over to the computer and start singing a little song while waiting for my login to complete.

Sung to the tune ‘We’re in the Money’

I love Shiloh, I love Shiloh, what a cute little baby bunny.
I love Shiloh, I love Shiloh, she is going to make me a lot of money!

I am counting my money already and thinking about expanding my domain business. I will park the domain and run celebrity ads on it through Adify, or maybe sell it to the Gawker property. Or even sell it to Brad when I decide to run a semi-questionable content on the site. I am counting my dough already.

I log into my GoDaddy account. I am getting excited. I am almost there. I enter the domain name Shiloh first. Nope – owned by some company in Ohio called Shiloh Industries. Okay, round two. I enter in ShilohPitt. Search… What do we have… Nope – taken!

Darn, how could that be, I had to be one of the first to hear the news. There couldn’t be anyone else as nutty as I am. I decided to see who beat me to the punch and I run a WhoIs search on the domain.

Well, it was registered about 90 minutes ago. How could that be? I look at the registered owner and…

So I guess there is good internet access in Namibia. Technical Contact: Angelina Jolie in Los Angeles, CA. This is not a joke, I checked and it was registered and is managed by her talent agency.

Okay – I guess I need to prepare for Britney’s next baby or Adam Sandler and his baby. I will need to keep in touch with this area of their site.

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