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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rerun Awards: Top Movies I Can Watch Over and Over…

I would have to say there are a few movies that if I see them on cable or on OnDemand I will watch them almost every time. I am not sure if these movies are the best films of all times or even the best films on television, but for some reason I am drawn to them and still love watching them.

I guess you could argue that a movie you watch over and over and still enjoy is a great movie. You could also argue that the ability to watch a movie over and over should be one of the key considerations for the quality of the movie.

Though I don’t disagree with this, I am not sure if these movies are the best movies ever made, or if they are like the Brady Bunch, simple to watch with no thinking required.

Anyway, they are all great movies and fun to watch. If you have not seen one or many of these flicks, you need to go check them out as soon as possible. Most of them you can find on TNT or TBS late at night.

Top five movies I can watch over and over again…

10. The Breakfast Club – One of John Hughes best movies. It reminds me of high school and was filmed in the hometown where I grew up on the North Shore of Chicago.
9. A Christmas Story – Great movie from 1983 about a kid, named Ralphie, who runs into the many great turmoil of living in the 40’s and being a kid during Christmas time. It has that great holiday feeling, and I love to see Dryver and Stryde as the two main characters.
8. Lean On Me – What a great movie about a hard nosed, but loving, principal (Morgan Freeman) at a troubled school in New Jersey. It is a movie I have to watch every time it is on TBS, which seems to be about every month or so.
7. Vacation – Another John Hughes movie that is a classic. You might wonder why there is no Caddy Shack or Animal House. They are great, but a little too complicated of a story for the rerun category. This is a classic film that is easy to watch and is damn funny.
6. Napoleon Dynamite – One of the best new flicks out there in the rerun category. It does not show-up on TNT or the WB yet, but is on HBO a lot, and well worth watching over and over again.
5. The Shawshank Redemption – This is a Steven King book that was turned into a movie. I think films with Morgan Freeman are hard to not watch.
4. Star Wars – the original was great and never gets old. Though the special effects look sort of lame now, the film is so amazing, it is great for the rerun category.
3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – This is the 1971 version of the film starring Gene Wilder. It blows away the recent Johnny Depp and Tim Burton version of the film. This film does open another category of older films that are great rerun movies, such as Wizard of Oz and Wonderful Life. I think I might create another list that covers the older films that are good to watch over and over again.
2. Stand By Me – What a great movie. Another Stephen King book that was turned into a great movie. This one really touches me and you are taken into the lives of the kids in the movie. They are on a journey, but as you watch you feel like you are with them and sense what they are sensing.
1. Sixteen Candles – I would say this could be the number one overall film. It is another John Hughes movie. I know all the lines in the film and even saw them filming the movie near my house in Evanston when I was a kid. The movie is so great as it has you feel like you are in the characters and it is so funny you keep laughing all the time.

So, there are many others. Blue Brothers, Toy Story, ET, Home Alone, Men in Black, and Rudy. I am sure I could create a list of the top 100, but that would be boring.

Check out these top 10. If you have not seen one or any of these, check them out asap. If you have seen them, check them out again! They are worth the $2.00 old film rental.

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