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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An Update on Google Search 2010...

I discussed in a previous post that in early April, Google purchased a new search engine from Ori Allon, an Israeli PhD student from the University of New South Wales. Ori developed a new type of search engine, called Orion, that finds pages where the content is about a topic strongly related to the keyword. The university patented this invention last year.

Well, the buzz on the net is the top developers and product people at Google are blown away by the new technology. The Age reports that Rob Pike, who is a Google engineer, was very excited about the algorithm. "This is the first time I've walked out and said: 'Wow! We should buy this stuff'. So it's pretty unique".

This new technology now puts Google in a new world as it provides extended snippets from each result, so you don't have to visit the site to get the details.

Eric Schmidt told in a interview that Google will make "heavy, heavy investment in new search algorithms" to improve the quality of Google search.

Finally Google is going to push out another killer app.

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