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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Caught You Looking…

Sorry, you aren’t going to find any porn content here. Cold Kiwi is a clean site, it is what is known as a ‘Family Friendly Website.’ Probably rated G or maybe PG, there are some political items I wouldn’t subject kids to and I do like to talk about Howard Stern once in awhile.

Most of my readers are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well, there is a strange rumor going around Alexandria that I actually have nude women on this blog. Porn, Nudity, Triple-X, Mature content, or even NSFW (not safe for work.) Nope, sorry, this type of content does not exist on my blog. If you find it I will pay you $1,000 in cash!

Well, first let me make something very clear. I personally have no problem with adult content. You should know by my political leanings that I am open and say that people should be free to do whatever they want to do in their own home (as long as it is not illegal of course.) I also realize adult content on the web is a big business. I worked for Media Metrix, and can tell you that in any given month that 50% of the people in the US visit at least one adult site, and within a year it is much closer to 80%.

Now, there are a few people in the city that claim to have clicked on a link on my site and it took them to nudity. The only possible way that could happen is if they clicked on an advertisement that is running on the site. You see, I am a part of six different ad networks that pay me when people click on the ads on the site. One of the ad networks does what is called behavioral targeting and serves ads to users based on other sites they visit. You can read more about this at Search Engine Watch.

Well, the behavioral profiling companies (Tacoda, Kanoodle, etc…) all use your past site visiting behavior on your pc to target relevant ads to you. Kanoodle, the network I am a part of will target you if you visit a specific site and then send you an ad in the same category. For example if you visit an adult site and then come to my blog, Kanoodle will serve a site that might be of interest to you based on your past visitation to other adult sites.

So, if you are on my site and wonder why someone said they saw an adult link, but you can’t find it, that is because you did not visit an adult site in the few days. If you do see an adult based ad on my blog, someone on your pc visited an adult content (aka porn site) on your pc. I have found the behavioral targeting works well. When I visit a political site, many times I will see political ads on my blog. If I visit a realtor site I will be served with real estate ads. Since I don’t visit adult sites on my work pc, I am not served adult ads.

Now, what can you do to fix this if you are offended by the ads. The first thing I would suggest is not visit adult websites. But, if that is not an option, don’t click on the ad that says something like ‘Click here for nude women,’ If all else fails, don’t visit my blog. Trust me I won’t be offended. If you are stupid enough to be offended by an adult ad that you clicked on, I don’t think you will get my blog anyway.

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