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Friday, June 23, 2006

Crazy Rick...

I meant to write this blog for my kids. So when I was dead they could read about how much I loved them.

Anyway, I turned this thing into random thoughts about what’s on my mind at any given time. I guess it is just as good as when they are in their 40’s and I am underground (or retired in Miami) they can see what their crazy old man was up to.

Well, that being said, I was really amazed with Rick Santorum today. If you didn’t see it, he went on all the national media outlets and talked about the classified documents he found on weapons we discovered in Iraq. He said this justifies the war and everything is okay now.

The guy is a nut. I really hope the 18 point deficit in the polls keeps up through November. This kind of guy should not be representing our country! He is a loonatic and a raving crazed man. I will tell you that he is in the top 10 of worst U.S. Senators today in office! Note to self: next blog idea is to list 10 worst people in the House/Senate.

I am not going to get into his politics or what he has done in the past, but this recent outburst is a great example of a man that is not thinking straight.

The long story short, Santorum found a classified document about some retired weapons we found in Iraq. They were from the late 80’s and were not useable, and thus just in storage awaiting disposal. Here is a link to more detail on the story.

The main problem I have is this nut is going around the TV stations showing classified documents, and not even telling the real story.

On Fox News tonight he got on with Hannity and Colmes and said: I'll show you the classified documents right here...

You can watch the whole video of the interview here.

It is so ridiculous that even the defense department, The White House, and Cheney’s Office came out and basically said Santorum is talking out of his anal passage.

He did release a statement on his website trying to explain that he was not releasing classified information and that he was not crazy. He said on his site that he wanted to raise this up to all the people of America so they could know that there was WMD and it was still in Iraq somewhere. Ask yourself why this guy would do something like this. He is acting as if the Bush Administration would hide something from the public... Oh Wait...

Rick, I understand you are down 18 points or so in the polls. I understand you really have not done anything in office the last three or so years. I understand you are a waste of space in the Capitol. But please don’t insult the intelligence of the general public. Just keep quiet, it is almost over. In November you can go back to being just Crazy Rick.

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