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Monday, June 05, 2006

Not Sure Who To Vote For On Tuesday?

Did you even know there was a Virginia State Primary this coming Tuesday (June 13th)? Well, if you are a democrat and are interested in the future of our country, you need to get out and vote. The primary is for our (D) representation for a candidate for Senator. In case you are not aware, George Allen is currently residing in this seat.

Now, the chance of a Dem actually winning a U.S. Senate Seat in Virginia is very slim. The only thing we got going for us is that Allen, who has hit some rocks in the road, is on the outs with many of the moderates. Good Ol’ George has been pushing the old school message into the Capitol Building and falling on his face. George Allen is the only US Senator that has voted 99%+ in favor of George W. Bush’s initiatives and pet projects. Our President is not doing such a great job, which makes you wonder what good ol’ George is really up to.

Anyway, enough about our state woes. I feel bad enough I have donated a lot of money to Allen’s campaign, a story for another time. So you can choose from two candidates to represent the Dems in our election for US Senate in November.

You can choose either a former corporate lobbyist or a former official from the Reagan administration. Now, hold on a minute. I know you are getting nervous and want to run away, it’s not that bad.

The former lobbyist is Harris Miller, a longtime advocate for the information technology industry, who promises to "tax the profits of Big Oil to pay for alternative fuels" and fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to "change course in Iraq."

His opponent is James Webb, who served as secretary of the U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1988. Webb supported President George W. Bush -- and Allen -- before breaking with the GOP over the invasion of Iraq, which he calls the "wrong war" in the conflict against terrorism.

What they stand for is similar in many cases, such as education and health care, but there are some differences that are important…

So, overall both candidates are not bad. They both are for the same things, including fixing the No Child Left Behind problems and addressing some of the Health Care issues in our country. They both also seem to be grounded in what it takes to accomplish what needs to be done.

Now, what it really comes down to, unfortunately, is who can really beat Allen. I don’t think either have a chance, but we shouldn’t give up. I think if we can just injure George he might have a harder time running for President in ’08. So the best chance against Slippery George is to vote for Webb. Is a centrist candidate and will draw the disenfranchised Right. Miller really has no chance against Allen, and those semi-conservatives that are not happy with Allen, would rather not vote than vote for Miller.

Here is a funny cartoon that puts everything into perspective…

It is too bad. I met Harris Miller and he is a great guy. He really wants to do this for all the right reasons, but we need to chip away at the Right, and we need to be smart about it, for once!

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