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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Building of the Week: Mirant Power Plant...

I chose this building not for a good reason, but because like Hitler, it will be historic. Mirant Power Plant has been in Alexandria for years and recently it was found that the plant was pushing terrible toxins into the air.

This company has put many children at risk of sickness and major future health problems. They refuse to close down the plant and/or fix it. They call their buddies in the Bush White House and get the EPA to say the power is more important than the environment.

People always talk about how Global Warming might not be as bad as we think. You hear the Bush guys say that it is out of our control. But behind closed doors they let major pollution emitting plants to continue to emit toxins into our world.

George, now that Ken DeLay has moved to Alexandria, would you reconsider closing this beast? Posted by Picasa

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