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Monday, July 24, 2006

Corporate America Tries Web 2.0: Wal-Mart Space

Wal*Mart launched their concept of MySpace recently and it was a big flop, which should not shock anyone. I am sure the guy that owns the project at Wal* knew this would go nowhere. They named it The Hub and it was intended to become the Wal*Mart version of MySpace for kids preparing for school.

The problem with this whole concept is most kids don't want to be associated with Wal*Mart. If you are going to do a branded social networking site, at least come up with a cool brand like Apple or Nike. What a true waste of time and money for this retailer. Not only is it a waste of money, but makes Wal*Mart look really out of touch.

You can check out this site at: where you will find tools to build a social networking page, create a hotlist of products and connect with about 20 other Wal*Mart created users.

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