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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Integration of MySpace and Mobile...

This is a new service that integrates the social networking concepts of MySpace with mobile voice and photo sharing. This is a perfect match as the users of MySpace skew more towards the mobile teen and young college grad market.

A recent poll by Harris Online showed that the usage of mobile phones and cell based technology was highest within the 15-24 year old online techno-savvy market. The survey reported that MySpace users were over 3x more likely to use their mobile phone and handheld device in a typical day.

This new service is called SupCast and is flash based technology that integrates into the users MySpace webpage. It also works with Blogs and other social based technology. But the real potential will be with the MySpace crowd. From their website:

- Post Voice, Text, or Picture Messages to your MySpace or Blog from ANY cell phone!
- Get a message to all of your friends with just one call or text
- Stay in touch with your friends, on or offline.
- Get News and Messages from your Friends while you're on the go

The success of sites like PhotoBucket have been directly tied to their usage and integration with the MySpace community. PhotoBucket is not the largest image sharing website in the US because of the usage by MySpace users. Many other smaller sites have piggybacked off of the viral nature of MySpace and have taken off.

This is the next technology play for MySpace (and blog) users and if executed correctly it will take off. This might be the next big thing.

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