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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Orbitz Is Great!

These guys are great. I have never had a bad experience with Orbitz. You always want your trip to go smooth and you want no delays, changes, or cancellations. But we all know that doesn't always happen.

Last year I flew about 160K miles, just in the US. I usually use to book my travel, but once in awhile I end up using one of the aggregators, such as Orbitz or Expedia.

Well, every time I have run into a problem with my travel using Expedia, it has been a big problem and I end up unhappy with the outcome.With Orbitz, even cancelled flights, moved gates, and other crap that comes with travel, I am always happy with the outcome. I have had Orbitz Care call me at 4am to book me on a different flight on a different airline because mine was cancelled.

I am blogging from my Blackberry right now (this is a test also) and I just was sitting in the Red Carpet Club at Dulles, and Orbitz called me to let me know that United had changed my gate to a totally different terminal far away from where I was. This gave me plenty of time to get across the airport.United, the airline I am flying (aka United), didn't page me, email me, call me, or even announce the change on the intercom. Note - I have change alerts set-up with United.

From now on I am booking on Orbitz for everything. They give me more options anyway. I do wish they offered JetBlue on Orbitz, that would bring together two great customer service oriented companies under one umbrella.

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