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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Out On The Potomac River...

We went out on the Potomac River in our neighbor’s boat today. It was fun for the first 20 minutes as we were really cruising towards Old Town Alexandria to pick up the rest of the crew.
Dryver came with me and Steve as his boat was docked at the Air Force Base in DC. It was cool because the base had the DIA headquarters, a lot of men with big guns and also Marine One. Dryver was already having a great time. We got on the boat and headed to Old Town, where Jennifer and Stryde were going to join us for a nice cruise on the river.

Well, 20 minutes into the really fast cruise on the bumpy river we stalled. We were in the middle of the river, with boats and barges coming on each side of us. We were floating like the guys on The Perfect Storm. We were in the 100 degree sun and had no power. The boat would not start and we were stuck. Dryver was sweating and I was really hurting from the sun.

Anyway, long story short, after about an hour in the boat, someone came to rescue us. We got towed into the base and were back on dry land. It was fun while it lasted. I think Dryver might actually appreciate boating even more now, as he saw the real side of owning a boat, when it doesn’t work. Posted by Picasa

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