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Monday, July 03, 2006

Out on the Potomac...

Two days out on the Potomac has been great fun. We are going to a party tomorrow on the river to celebrate the 4th. A lot of Jet Skiing and fun with the kids on the water. I always have fun at this party as it is a friend of ours and they have a really nice home (he started a $100MM business when he was 22.) It is a blast.

the boat rides were fun also. Though I got too much sun and was hot as hell, at least I took a few cool photos. I will post most of them later in the week.

Here are a few stats on the Potomac River...

The Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, located along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States (USA). The river is approximately 413 statute miles (665 km) long, with a drainage area of about 14,700 square miles (38,000 km²).

In terms of area, this makes the Potomac River the fourth largest river along the Atlantic coast of the USA and the 21st largest in the USA. Over 5 million people live within the Potomac watershed, where precipitation provides the equivalent of over 8 m³ (more than 2,100 US gallons) of water per person per year. Posted by Picasa

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