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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Second Morning: Cooking Breakfast…

Each of the meals there is at least one youth helper. This morning it was one of the kids that is always really eager to do work. He got up early, probably around 5:30am or so, and was excited to go cook. By 7am he was bouncing off the walls. We finally told him he could go over and help. I could see in his eyes that he was really pumped up to go cook a big meal.

About 20 minutes later I went into the kitchen to check on him and he was cleaning up a big mess on the floor, he had dropped a whole gallon of milk. I offered to help, but the lady in charge said she would do it. I went outside to get a drink of water and then went back into the kitchen just in time to see him carrying a bunch of large cans of fruit. I watched in amazement that they were balanced so well, until, Crash! They were all over the floor, and there was fruit syrup everywhere. Again I offered to help, but the lady in charge said no.

I walked outside to go talk to one of the patrons and about 10 minutes later heard someone yelling. I went into the kitchen and there was smoke everywhere. The kid had decide to help cook the pancakes, but somehow turned them into burnt (or fire) cakes. They threw some water on the stove. Again, I offered to help, but was told to leave.

I went across to get the other kids to prepare for breakfast. I figured it would be a few minutes late. As I was heading back the youth that was helping was running out of the building laughing. I guess the lady in charge had gotten upset with him when he put all the dirty dishes out instead of the clean ones. He thought this whole thing was funny, as did I.

I didn’t even bother to ask if I could help, I just sat quietly and waited for breakfast. It was pretty good.

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