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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time Off...

Well, not really, I have been working like crazy and have decided to take a couple of weeks off from posting.

Spent the last few weeks on the beach, working non-stop and working more. We went to TopSail Island last week and had a blast. I really worked only at night and early in the morning and was able to spend time with everyone during the day.

I really had a great time at TopSail and suggest if you are looking for a vacation beach spot, this is a great place to check-out...

Topsail Island is off the coast of southeastern North Carolina. Topsail Beach is the smallest of the three communities located on the 26-mile long island.

Local folklore claims the name, Topsail (pronounced Tops’l), originated during the 1700’s when pirate ships roamed the coastal waters. Historians explain that marauding pirates hid their ships in the channel behind the island and waited for passing merchant ships loaded with goods. The pirates would pursue and attack the merchants, claiming the cargoes as their own. Eventually the merchants became aware of this infamous hiding place and began to watch for the tops of the pirates' sails showing over the rolling dunes - hence the name Topsail Island.

During the war, the U.S. Navy took over the island and began a joint venture with Johns Hopkins University known as Operation Bumblebee. The waterway was dredged, roads were built, and fresh water was piped onto the island. Operation Bumblebee was the beginning of the space program for the United States Government. An arsenal center for the assembly and storage of rockets was built on the sound side of the island, and launching pads were constructed on the oceanfront. Concrete observation towers were built throughout the island to monitor the experimental launchings. Over 200 rocket launchings took place on the island between 1946 and 1948. When the testing program was dismantled, the government sold the island to the public. Many of the original military structures are still standing.

Anyway, I return tomorrow with a great few posts I have been working on.

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