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Monday, September 25, 2006

The New Alexandria School Board...

Wow, I am really proud of the new Alexandria City School Board. This is from the great leadership and teamwork that is showing up on the board. This is on all sides and all members. You see from an outward perspective that they are working together and are all willing to take on tough and emotional subjects.

I also have been really happy with the wide range of people and personalities on the board. I think we have good representation from the different segments of the population in Alexandria. The Chair (Art Peabody) and Vice-Chair (Blanche Maness) seem to be doing a great job of being willing to listen and not step on the other member toes. Everyone on the board is equal and just as important as the next. It appears that this is a team that is gelling and on a roll. They are willing to take on the hard questions and are really committed to success. You can’t question this.

I have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised by even those that I didn’t agree with their positions during the election. I was worried that some of the more aggressive candidates (not saying this is bad by the way) were going to cause conflict in the school system. Well, I think everyone is doing great. I really am happy with how great and well rounded this team is.

I am now happy that we have these really great members of our city that are willing to commit their time and energy to make our schools better. I also look forward to a very productive three years. I think the dynamic team, from the city experience and hard work from Claire Eberwein, the vast and extensive school experience from Blanche Maness, the overall rigor from the military/Coast Guard of Scott Newsham, the government leadership and well rounded view of Eileen Rivera, the many years of communications experience of Yvonne Folkerts, the financial management and school budget experience of Art Peabody, the Central Office bridge relationship of Sheryl Gorsuch, the amazing PTA experience of Ronnie Campbell, and the creativity of Charles Wilson.

It is a great team. I fully support where they are headed, each and every one of them (even if I didn’t vote for them). I don’t always agree (i.e. TJ), but will support this team. They need our support, and I am 100% on board. If they need me I am there!

Remember.... It's All About The Kids!

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