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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This Drives Me Nuts… Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!!!!

I can’t stand the media spinning and turning on Bill Clinton saying he didn’t do enough to find Bin Laden in the 1990’s. Okay, he didn’t get him, we all admit that is a failure, but either did anyone else that tried to kill that asshole (including the Russians)!

What is wrong with these people? These are the exact same people, that while the Clinton White House was trying to KILL Bin Ladin (yes they sent 67 missiles into Afghanistan to kill him), were asking Slick Willy about the blue dress and the cigar?

Come on people, you can’t have both ways. Do you want our President to have to talk about his sexual escapades or do you want him to actually do real work? When he was trying to focus on really acting as the President of the United States (which we have not had in a long time), terms like ‘Wag the Dog’ were used. We were hunting down our President rather than the Terrorists. I wonder if Osama had slept with Monica if we would have hunted him down by now, probably.

I blame the idiots that chased and burned the best President we have ever had. You my friends are the reasons we don’t have Bin Laden! Think about it.

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