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Friday, October 06, 2006

AdSense is the Next Jessie Jackson?

Now this is progress. AdSense is now breaking down the walls of political hatred and trying to embrace the world. Check out SFGate Culture blog for another great example of AdSense working as great as you would expect for such a thrown together piece of code.

If you've ever read Mark Morford and Ann Coulter, you'll know that they are about as far apart politically as two humans can be yet here they are, joined by Adsense.

Here is a quote from Mark Morford in his article about what he found on his blog:

I have no idea why it's there. I have no idea which keywords triggered it. This particular column in no way mentions rabid frothing right-wing hate.

Maybe Google could set-up the next peace accord! They seem to be able to bring together the opposite sides. What next? Leno & Letterman? Limbaugh and Stern? Even Paris and Nicole!

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